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May 14, 2010

Agenda for 5/19 Volunteers’ Meeting, Firefly Cafe 1:30-3:00

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As usual, our meeting will begin with Liaisons’ reports, followed by discussion of other activities of the Oregon Area Community Book project, such as history-collecting, publicizing the project, funding, and more.

  1. Liaisons’ reports
  2. Other old business
    Plan more history-collecting – let’s focus on getting some community conversations going!
  3. New business- Summerfest 2011 – how shall we participate & raise visibility of the book project?
  4. Holding bin for “old” new business not yet prioritized or assigned for follow-up – collecting local church, organization, etc. published histories…

See you then! -Sarah W.


May 5, 2010

Here’s just a glimpse at the interesting stories that are coming in…

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Here’s a glimpse at some of the interesting stories people have offered to contribute to the book. We’re now following up. Want an easy volunteer task? Ask to help with one of the following…

  • Tell the story of the Oregon Open Book Club, founded in 1976 as a U.S. Bicentennial activity–which makes it the oldest book club in Wisconsin! Nancy Stearns (deceased) was a local leader in the formation of the club.  The club published a cookbook “Fares, Feasts and Fasts” that contains contributions from local people as well as public figures like Jimmy Carter and Jane Fonda. Sales proceeds go to support Habitat for Humanity in the Oregon-Brooklyn area and internationally. We hope to reprint some recipes in the Oregon Area Community Book.
  • Lorraine Hawkinson, whose writing you may have seen in the Stoughton Hub or the Koshkonong Prairie Historical Society’s newsletter, has offered essays originally appearing in that newsletter on the story of Oregon’s “Holy Rollers,” and histories of the townships of Rutland and Dunn.
  • Participants in the Reminiscence Writing workshop Spring 2010, offered by the Oregon Senior Center and led by Sarah White, wrote on civic participation for a class assignment. We hope to see some of these essays polished and published in the Oregon Area Community Book.
  • Marilyn Gardner, a Madison-area marketing consultant and volunteer at Three Gaits Therapeutic Horsemanship Center, has offered to summarize its  history for the book.
  • Alexander Molzahn, an Oregon Boy Scout working toward his Eagle Scout award, is creating an exhibit for the Oregon Area Historical Society on Scouting. We hope he will write up what he has learned for the Oregon Area Community Book.
  • Rick Bernstein, Field Services Rep at the Wisconsin Historical society , has offered to contribute essays on the beneficial relationship between Historic Preservation and Smart Growth.
  • ????? What would YOU like to contribute? Send an email to oacb53575@gmail.com to let us know!

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