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August 27, 2010

Did you march in the OHS Marching Band?

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I’m researching the history of Oregon’s illustrious marching band.

In the “present” section of the Oregon Area Community Book we’ll showcase the rebranding of the marching band as the “Oregon Shadow Armada” in 2008 under Creative Director Nick Lane.

Undefeated throughout 2008, the band won all 6 “captions” (scoring components)  at the 2008 Mid-America Competing Band Directors Association final contest with a high-concept show called COLLISION. Watch it live here:

In the “past” section of the book we’ll  report on the evolution of the band from its inception in 1972, through the glorious early 1990s, and the puzzling drop in participation and return to competitive caliber since.

I’d love to interview a few people who marched in Oregon’s high school band, any time over the decades. Let’s create a kaleidoscope of OHSMB memories as vivid as Nick Lane’s Shadow Armada show.

Got memories or photos of the band? Contact me at oacb53575@gmail.com!

-Sarah White for the Oregon Area Community Book


August 4, 2010

Queen for a day…

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A treasure fit for a queen–or a community book–appeared at our July 17 history-collecting session at the Oregon Public Library.

Clarice (Quale) Christensen brought scrapbooks and souvenirs from a long and busy life in Oregon, including a year served as Oregon’s first Queen in 1933. Who would believe that 51 years later, her granddaughter Karla Christensen would win the same honor, serving as Miss Oregon 1984?

A fore-runner of the Miss Oregon pageant, the Queen contest was not based on beauty or talent, but on popularity. And being popular, in this case, meant earning votes. In 1933 anyone could nominate an eligible candidate by filling out a ballot and dropping it off at any of the 43 businesses sponsoring the contest. All nominees received 5,000 votes to start. Anyone making a cash purchase or paying on an account at one of the businesses could vote, at a point a penny. In addition, the Observer carried 100-vote ballots, and offered 600 votes for each subscription.

On Thursday, August 17, 1933 the final results were tallied, with Quale the winner with 3,683,850 votes. “‘That was back during the depression, and it was a way of drawing in business,” Clarice recalled. “I guess I had a lot of friends.”

Miss Clarice Quale, 1933 Queen of Oregon, with attendants Catherine Clark (left) and Mary Ann Manion (right)


Clarice's grandaughter Karla Christensen, Miss Oregon 1984, with parents Arlen and Gloria

Thanks for coming and bringing your great stories, Clarice!


-Sarah White, for the Oregon Area Community Book

Volunteers meetings

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Volunteers meetings will continue in August and into the fall, 1:30-3:00 at the Firefly Cafe, 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.

Each meeting begin with Liaisons’ reports, followed by discussion of other activities of the Oregon Area Community Book project, such as history-collecting, publicizing the project, funding, and more.

We have lots of book topics started that need follow-through now, so consider coming to a meeting–we can find you a task to fit your tastes, small, medium or large.

-Sarah W.

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